Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Teaching About Martin Luther

Luther's epitaph in Wittenberg, Germany

For many children the name Martin Luther should be followed by “King, Jr.” They may have seen a picture of the Reformation Luther, but may not know as much about him as they do his more recent name sake. Here are some things to teach your children about this remarkable man.

  • Luther was almost 10 years old when Columbus set sail toward America. 
  • The 95 Theses were about the teachings of the church that Martin Luther knew were wrong. He wanted people to think about them and discuss them so they could have a better understanding of God. 
  • Martin Luther used the newest technology of his time – the printing press with movable type – to quickly get his message to many people. He was a best-selling author. 
  • In addition to books like the Small Catechism, Martin Luther wrote hymns so people could teach their children about God. 
  • Martin Luther stood by the truth he found in the Bible, even when it meant his life was in danger.
  •  Martin Luther helped us to understand that we are saved by grace which is the love of God given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that faith alone saves us (not good works).
One more thing:

  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s father changed their names to honor the original Martin Luther.

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