Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Children: Curiosity

A week or so ago I saw a pickle in a water bottle similar to this picture. It was on a table at church and was getting much attention. I believe the pickle in this picture is made of foam, but the pickle we were looking at was real. How did it get in there?

Now, that is curiosity!

We experience curiosity when we see something we cannot explain and develop an undeniable desire to find the answer.

This Ted Talk explores the benefits of curiosity to learning.

Developing a strong sense of curiosity in children is a great way to improve learning. (It works much better than learning game apps.)

Curiosity is asking a question AND digging for the answer. 

Curiosity is real-time learning.

Some simple guidelines for developing curiosity:

Ask don’t tell : When your child asks a question ask it back and see if you can get a hypothesis or two. Then you will know where their understanding is at.

Explore: Once you have a question, explore it with your child. Can you conduct an experiment? Can you interview an expert? What does the internet have to offer?

Follow: The answers to most questions offer opportunities to digress to different topics – go there!

Can you apply these suggestions to Bible questions? After you find the answer share it with your Pastor for additional insights.

Encourage a learning mindset!

Let the wise hear and increase in learning . . .The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 1: 5 and 7

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