Thursday, April 23, 2020

Family Faith Sharing Activity - Unconditional Love

The Road to Emmaus may not seem like a strange story to share with young children, but it provides us with an opportunity to talk about how Jesus is with us even when we don’t recognize He is there.

Using paper, scissors, tape, and a marker, children can make and experiment with an ordinary paper circle and a one-sided Moebius strip. One paper loop can be cut into two, and the other remains undivided even after cut.

Connecting this to the bible verse about being surrounded by steadfast love, we remind children that the love of God is unconditional.

He loves us when we do good things.

He loves us when we do wrong things.

He loves us when everything is going well, and we are happy.

He loves us when we are sad or lonely or angry about what we must do to be safe.

God’s love surrounds us even when we don’t realize or recognize it.

Spend some time talking with your children about how our current situation makes you feel and makes them feel. Learn the Bible verse together and remind each other of God’s unconditional, steadfast love.

Steadfast love surrounds the one who trusts in the LORD. Psalm 32:10

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