Monday, February 27, 2017

Teens in Tight Situations

Teenagers get into trouble. This is news to no one. It is sort of a teenager’s job to get into trouble. They are at an age where they are finding out who they are and what they value. They remember lessons from their parents, but need to learn some of them all over again.

This is an age of taking risks and that is the hardest thing to watch as a parent. We know the consequence of the risk they are taking. They only see the fun. When teens take risks that put them close to trouble they may not see a way out. This is when they need to be sure that their parents have their backs.

This blog post has a great idea called the #xplan. The parents in this family have made an agreement that if their teen texts them an X they will call back and claim he needs to come home now and that he will be picked up. This allows him to leave an uncomfortable situation without social embarrassment. 

This is important because while teens remember what they have been taught, they have also moved into a world where peer opinion is more important than parent opinion. With an #xplan a teen can remember wise words of parents and follow that advice without social risk.

The blogger goes on to say that he and his wife have also promised to pick up their teen with no consequences or questions. I understand the promise to not express anger and to refrain from consequences. (Do you really want to punish your teen for following a bad choice with a good one?) However, I do encourage you to talk this situation through on the ride home. Make sure that the situation provided its own teaching lesson. Make sure your teen knows how frightened you were and how glad you are. Reinforce the good lessons you have taught.

God has rescued us time and time, again. Each time we come to Him in repentance He offers forgiveness. This is an important lesson for every teenager and parent. Life has consequences – parent love is forever.  

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