Friday, May 13, 2016

Resources: For Sharing Your Faith All Year Long

Parents and children are busy – all year long. Even when the school year ends there are camps, sports, and family vacations.  The long lazy summers of my youth seem to be long gone. I can't believe I complained that I was bored!

In the midst of wonderful learning opportunities and family outings, I strongly encourage you to remember the blessings of what your church provides.  Your child’s faith grows because of the work of the Spirit. Look for ways to encourage that work. Here is how Faith Lutheran can help you.

Family devotions are a great way to help Bible learning to continue even when church attendance might be interrupted with travel and tournaments. A short devotion at the beginning of the trip or with mealtimes or bedtimes reminds our children that God goes with us. Here is a link to Concordia Publishing House and their easy resource of My Devotions. This is a subscription to an easy to read and understand daily devotion.  It even means some mail!

Family Summer Sunday School is a new program we are trying for this summer. Many other churches have moved toward this kind of Sunday school for these busy months and we pray it is a blessing for you. Come to Sunday School at the regular time and come as a family. You will receive a kit that has everything you need to share a Bible story, learn a Bible verse, pray together, and enjoy your choices of an activity such as a craft or game. The benefit is to learn some tools that will help you share your faith with your children. Please register before or after church.

Vacation Bible School is also trying something new this year. Because more families find it hard to attend every day for a week, we are scheduling VBS for two all-day events on Saturday.  The first is for young children and the second for school age children. If your child qualifies for both he/she is welcome to attend both. Vacation Bible School gives children a chance to see God’s word in a different setting. It is also a natural way to invite friends and neighborhood children. Please register before or after church.

Barnyard Roundup
Saturday, June 4
9:00am – 1:00pm
Children ages 3-8years

“Unique yet united”
Camp Luther Outdoor VBS
Saturday June 11
10:00am – 2:00pm
Children going into 1st through 6th grade

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