Monday, July 13, 2015

Parenting: Blessings of Being Mean


There are many of these “mean parent” posts floating around the internet. I especially like this one posted on my cousin’s Facebook page.

What are the advantages for the child of a mean parent?

Self-regulation – the ability to control attention, body movements and emotions. Essential for learning? You better believe it!

Humility – children with humility are not burdened by having to be the first or be the worst. Instead, they are free to think about others and other things.

Resilience – we all need to learn to survive what life drops in our lap. This starts at an early age.

Emotional competence – can’t be learned unless children are allowed to experience all emotions.

Empathy- being able to see things from the perspective of another is a social AND academic skill.

Repentance and forgiveness – blessings from our faith that give us the opportunity to show children God’s plan for learning from our mistakes.

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